Seraphim Space Camp launches Mission 8

Written by: Claudia Mendzil

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The Mission 8 cohort comprises 6 startup companies specializing in onboard AI for satellites to process data at the edge, lunar ISPs, forecasting space weather, 3D modelling for Earth observation, 3D printing of composites, and building cloud infrastructures in space. Mission 8’s companies originate from the US, Luxembourg, France, and Ireland, and include first-time entrepreneurs and those who have previously sold businesses, building their next venture.

The cohort members are:

  • Aquarian Space – The Moon’s Internet Service Provider
  • Anisoprint – Stop Metal Thinking. Start Anisoprinting
  • Array Labs – Providing quality 3D imagery on a global scale
  • Leanspace – A cloud platform for the space industry – still in stealth
  • Mission Space – Space Weather. Predicting the Final Frontier
  • Ubotica – Transforming Satellite Services through On-Board AI

For the full overview of each company, please see below.

Rob Desborough, Managing Partner at Seraphim Space and CEO of Space Camp, said: “Compared to where we started out with Seraphim Space Camp in 2017, the ecosystem has grown and matured exponentially. The cohort we have onboard for Mission 8 is proof of that. Over the last four years, we have helped 49 companies raise almost $100m of investment and forge relationships with some of the key corporations in the sector, and prepared them as a team for the journey ahead in building the infrastructure for a new space economy”. 

By the end of October, the previous seven cohorts (featuring a total of 49 companies) will have collectively raised around $100 million in private investment since completing the programme. Some of Seraphim Space Camp’s alumni, like Xona Space, Satellite Vu, LunaSonde and Wyvern, have confirmed payload slots on launches in 2022 to put their technology into orbit. QuadSAT penned a key commercial deal to use its revolutionary drone technology for antenna diagnostics with SES, which broadcasts to over 1 billion TV viewers. Other alumni have gone on to win prestigious awards at leading industry events such as SmallSat Symposium and Paris Space Week.

Seraphim Space Camp is a twelve-week programme, culminating in an Investor Showcase on the 8th of December. The accelerator is being run remotely with some in-person events this time around – delivering over 600 hours of content.

Mission 8 will include online sessions with experts from the corporate partners, along with a series of workshops and one-to-one mentoring sessions from SpaceTech professionals, advisors, and investors, and pitch practice sessions. The virtual programme has also attracted some of the world’s leading SpaceTech entrepreneurs and experts to deliver Keynotes and fireside chats.

The key corporate parties and industry bodies, working as part of the programme are the UK’s National Security Strategic Investment Fund  (NSSIF), Airbus, AWS, Cobham, Hispasat, Dentons, Dstl, SES, Cyient, Telespazio, Satellite Applications Catapult, enabling the participating startups to engage with industry leaders and forge partnerships and contacts that have a real impact for them.

Mission 8 Cohort Overview

Aquarian Space – As we explore and develop and build economies and infrastructure beyond Earth, we need the internet infrastructure to support cost-effective cislunar data delivery. Aquarian Space is addressing this unmet need by becoming the internet service provider for beyond Earth communications – relieving a major bottleneck in lunar and deep-space communications.

Aquarian’s internet “SOLNET” satellite solution offers faster and more cost-effective cislunar data delivery to enable exploration and economies beyond Earth, which are already being explored by the likes of NASA.

Anisoprint – Anisoprint is an innovative technology company that is optimizing the 3D printing of composite materials, bringing the benefits of this lightweight and durable material to the multibillion-dollar additive manufacturing market.

This already in-market, all-in-one hardware, materials & software platform meets the demanding needs of high-tech industries like Space and Aerospace for cheaper, strong, lighter materials.

Array LabsHigh-quality 3D imagery is the key to understanding the world around us and is critically important to a host of traditional and emerging industries. However, current methods of supplying this data are slow, expensive, or low-quality. Array Labs is developing next-generation earth observation satellites to deliver a comprehensive perspective of the Earth in near-real-time.

LeanSpace – A cloud platform for the space industry – still in stealth.

Mission Space – Mission Space is developing a satellite-based real-time forecast system for one of the highest priority natural hazards in the world – space weather. With custom sensors launched in LEO, Mission Space ultimately delivers a user-oriented decision support tool to provide space weather forecasts and warnings where they are needed the most, helping satellite operators solve the problem of data deficit and lack of warning tools to mitigate the effects of the sun’s activity.

Unlike other competitors, we offer a user-oriented high-accuracy short term forecast, localized products for different orbits, and custom infrastructure-specific hazard warnings.

Ubotica – Satellites are generating petabytes of Earth Observation data that has the potential to give critical insights across industries. To gain real-time actionable insight from this data requires onboard AI, moving processing from the data centre to the satellite.

With their decade of experience and expertise founding Movidius, the team is now leading the race to deploy advanced AI technologies onboard every satellite – moving analytics to the edge and taking the power of a high-performance computer and fitting it into the size of a shoebox.


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